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  • Dandelions

    Dandelion emerges
    Golden and proud
    Stands tall
    Gently swaying
    Basking feeling
    The suns comfort

    Dandelons surge
    Lawn invasion
    Green now has
    Yellow punctuation
    Rabbits salivation
    Brave never run

    Dandelions age
    A month later
    White and
    Invasion underway

    Dandelions purge
    Clock stops
    and recycles
    Pinpoint geometry
    Escapes in the breeze
    Dandelion seeds

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    Very nice write have me feeling sympathetic to dandelions now! I really liked the third stanza which shows them white-topped and fuzzy, primed for take-off, as it were. Incidentally, my Grandmother used to make dandelion wine. I never got to see how she did it, but it was the one wine we younger folk could get a wee sip of when the toasts were made at special occasions. Fond memory, that.


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      Oh wow - fabulous write. From one stage to another - the rapid overtake of grassy lawn. I don't know - I like green lawns, but sometimes I also root for the dandelion. We saw some up in the mountains (looked like they were spread purposefully). It was a gorgeous sight.


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        This is another one of those poems that the reader savors word by word and the stucture makes that effortless. Awesome imagery PP!


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          This is beautifully phrased, conceived, and structured, Parkinsonspoet. Top drawer. Among your best so far.


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            Again another wonderful structure that suits you and I also agree that it's your best so far. :-)


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              Very clever, Pp, the life cycle of the Dandelion.

              I see that yellow devil
              On the rough lawn next to mine
              It eyes my perfect rye grass
              So green, it is divine

              But come the silken puffer balls
              And a gentle summer breeze
              Flaxen seeds invade my lawn
              With damndelion disease!


              • grant hayes
                grant hayes commented
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                Did you just do that, MHenry? A splendid ex tempore response!

              • MHenry
                MHenry commented
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                Thanks, grant, in between the last few comments, yes, I confess, I slandered the yellow devil!