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  • Zen Master Speaks

    "What is Forgiveness?"
    Zen Master, "When you stub toe
    Keep very quiet"

    "What is Grace?"
    Zen Master, "Gifts of pure Love
    You do not deserve"

    "Where does Joy live?" Zen
    Master, "In the pure Silence
    Between two heartbeats"

    "When my Lover sleeps,
    What should I do?" Zen Master,
    "Chop wood for winter"

    Pupil asks the Zen
    Master, "Where is Heaven?" "When
    It rains sleep outside"

    "What is true Love?" Zen
    Master, "The bird who cleans his
    Feathers without sleep"

    "What is Happiness?"
    Zen Master, "My patience for
    Your stupidity"

    Zen Master stopped
    Pupil from speaking, "Silence
    Has no need of clothes"

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    Well, this is an actual Zen master speaking, as it were. What is amazing is how the haiku string with which you've presented the teachings comes across as completely natural. The careful structure is so unobtrusive. This ramshackle pagan salutes the Master!


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      This is really, really wonderful Tanner. I like it a LOT.


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        "Where does Joy live?" Zen
        Master, "In the pure Silence
        Between two heartbeats"

        Tanner Would you be surprised that i must be silent now to show my reverence for this?


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          This is wisdom for the ages, Tanner.
          Tanner say, he who ask too many questions should stfu!


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            MHenry, Thank you for the translation. You always get to the point without ponderous obfuscation!


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              So true about MH. love this timeless wisdom and the way you made it flow Tanner!!!