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  • 50/50

    Last edited by grant hayes; 12-25-2017, 08:55 PM.

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    I'm either really wrong OR?


    The Voice of the Silence by H. P. Blavatsky

    I don't gamble much...
    but i think my conclusion are correct?

    either way it's 50/50



    • grant hayes
      grant hayes commented
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      Alas, Billie, I am not so well read. I am impressed that you are ☺

      Perhaps I have drunk, unawares, from one of the same wells as Madame B, who sipped at many.

      I imagine this poem might do well as an incantation for those who play Two-Up, mate. 😊

      Thank you for reading, Billie.

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    All I could think of was 'May the odds be ever in your favor' - watching too much Hunger Games....


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      Love the heads and tails and where you took this.


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        Of course, one can always say 'Let's flip a coin.' But why say in four words what can be said in forty ☺


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        When the forty words are worthy of their own silver coin, then bring them on, I say!

        'A pint for me and a pint for my friend here!
        This silver coin is recompense enough for the two pints and a score more!'

        Well done, Sir grant! Spare but pregnant at one and the same time.
        Many likes for this one!
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          Ah, yes, a pint would be nice. Many thanks, Maestro. Your comment rings with Bardic verve!


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            Grant you say why use four words when 40 will do so I look forward to the epic that you write about rolling the dice. On a slightly more serious note you have a gift for seeing beauty in the simplest of things. Thank you for sharing


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              Now there's an idea: roll of the dice epic. I like it!

              That is very gracious of you, Parkinsonspoet. Thank you. I think part of the remit of poetry is to find the complexity in simple things and to simplify complexities. Both are in evidence here on the Zone.


              • Parkinsonspoet
                Parkinsonspoet commented
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                So if I find the complexities in a simple thing and then use poetryto simplify them am I not back to:-

                A shape
                A plane shape
                A shape with symmetry
                A shape with sides
                A shape where equality is manadatory for shape sides
                A shape where the sides must be more than three
                A shape where the sides must be less than 5
                A shape where angles must be right and equally
                numerous as the side
                This shape should be numbered but not a
                round number not a multiple of two but a singular number
                A shape number 1

              • grant hayes
                grant hayes commented
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                Back to square one? Ah, but what a route you've taken!

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              The scenic route definitely .Please forgive the cheekyness I couldn't resist


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                I think we are ridding in the same caravan here- footsteps apart but heading in the same direction. Good!!


                • grant hayes
                  grant hayes commented
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                  Ah, but whence travels this caravan, the second?

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                esoteric, enigmatic,haunting !
                at first i thought ... Julius Caesar...the die is cast!...then my mind jumped to the 7 chakras of the the Divine, then when reading the lunge of a lion and in the next line the piebald world, you had me upside down grant hayes !Nicely done in a compact 6 lines....
                Reading the other comments now, as usual, my thoughts are a bit different and then one and the same!


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                  So beautifully described...


                  • grant hayes
                    grant hayes commented
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                    Thank you, describer of beauties.