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A lousey tale

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  • A lousey tale


    Panic manic
    Scurry flurry
    Sprint swiftly
    Swerve and hurry

    Isopod Crustacean
    Rigid Segmentation
    Long exoskeleton
    Eggs in marsupium

    Run for cover

    Fleet feet
    Search for safety
    Beat retreat

    Hundreds of woodlouse
    Disturbed by lifting plant house
    Instinctively flee
    Resulting calamity

    Nooks ands crannies
    They seek to hide
    Any cover or sanctum
    They quickly stride

    Entry in journal
    Mostly nocturnal
    Running on the floor

    Come to a halt
    Stand still survey
    If danger passed
    Live for another day
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    A vivid study-in-verse of the critters that matches naturalist observation with subjective experience.


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      Oh my goodness Parkinsonspoet - the picture really make that piece move! Didn't you post it without the picture first? I wanted to comment about the sense of movement got called away before I could!
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      • Parkinsonspoet
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        I always intended to post with the picture but the addition of the picture was delayed as the file was too big for the site to accept so i had to cut the size of the picture.

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      Well your words made MY SKIN CRAWL! Lol

      I'm brushing off insects all over me,
      THAT Aren't there......

      Fantastically descriptive!


      • Parkinsonspoet
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        lol thank you Billy you are welcome

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      Very descriptive, Pp. Capturing a moment is one of the best uses of poetry!


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        I agree with MH and the other comments -- this format suits you Pp. :-)