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  • Momentous Event

    Two plates on the table
    remained untouched.
    The food's gone cold.
    The wick of candle kept burning...
    The flickering light
    illuminated the room—

    The water filled the tub
    as the spigot's turned.
    When I looked up,
    he was there—
    staring at me.
    He held my neck so gently;
    he touched and stroke my hair—

    Time, finally arrived
    to this momentous event.
    It's time he showed his
    'love and affection'.
    My death—
    as I took my last breath.

    He quickly rose,
    sat at the table
    and ate his supper.
    (Unbeknown to him—
    spiced especially for him)
    He sat on the rocking chair
    and smoked his cigar
    Soon, he laid his head
    on soft pillow in bed.
    He closed his eyes never open them again.

    Master in Training
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    This is beautiful, imrogue, but I fear both parties to this poem have demised!


    • imrogue
      Master in Training
      imrogue commented
      Editing a comment
      In this piece, I was trying to relate a not so gruesome murderous event... I wanted to have the audience's own imagination.... the man did not die of natural cause... i probably should have added that at the end....hmmm.

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    I had the same thoughts as MH. Very creative -- well done!!