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Admonitions of a Cotton Field

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  • Admonitions of a Cotton Field

    Backs bowed
    tracing trails of sorrows,
    a thousand unfulfilled tomorrows
    crying out from the dust
    tracked through generations,
    a collage of survival,
    and taboo atrocities
    and still,
    the blood bleeds
    as all blood must,
    from yellow
    to mahogany and rust.
    Brothers met with the
    familiar gaze of blight,
    persisting in the absence
    of that which,
    no band need transcribe,
    that which
    no soul ought deny,
    and yet,
    the wound that bears you,
    young and chocolate brown
    must offer admonitions
    worthy of a cotton field.
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    From title to last word, this is an august, beautiful, grave distillation of truths. A work of stature that should be widely known. Salutes all round.

    and yet,
    the wound that bears you,
    young and chocolate brown
    must offer admonitions
    worthy of a cotton field



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      Poignant and powerfully written Dwayne! A bitter reminder....


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        DEFT TOOK ME SOUFT. Its hard to believe slave masters still roam this earth and get paid!! We are not so far from some pasts THIS IS REALLY GOOD!!!


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          Wow - fabulous poem on a very difficult topic. Such sadness there. A shame unearned - a glory undignified and unfortunately the story still continues.


          • DWAYNE
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            I honestly don't believe you can do anything but wax poetical!

            I want to borrow that line!

            Thanks for the encouragement all.

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          Lovely, Dwayne. Lyrical and hypnotizing while telling a sad tale of oppression.


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            The series Underground, has been a painful reminder!


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              With your poetry, I am able to put myself in those shoes although I have not personally experienced prejudice. With your poetry I felt as though I was black. I have aspired to write like this but feel inadequate. I have attempted to write what it would be like if blacks were white and whites were black. A very old book that I read, was called -- Black like Me -- I would have to do that to completely understand. Love your poetry.


              • DWAYNE
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                I feel that love, in all of its forms, is THE conduit to empathy.

                If we aspire to love, selflessly, we need not be the other, to appreciate the circumstances that afflict us.

                The cultivation of humanity breeds understanding.

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              Injustices abound - admonition, not so much. Thank you for this rendering of purpose begat through painful history. When will we learn to stop repeating ourselves in apathy toward our brothers and sisters?


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                I agree Dwayne but although a man may have love and deep empathy for a woman, he cannot fully appreciate the scope and idiosyncrasies like a woman and the reverse is true. I think it's that way with how people are mistreated for various differences. That being said we are all of the human race and should view each other as such with respect, love, dignity and empathy and anyone being mistreated should impel us all to stand up and not tolerate such behavior.

                I am touched by your poetry and love how you think and convey your thoughts. It is very insightful.