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  • Lucky


    An officer known as lucky
    Reputation for being plucky
    His men also seemed charmed
    Rarely did they get harmed

    Day his penultimate
    Eager for his homeward trip
    Anious for his last night
    Trepidation at coming fight

    Hopes his luck wilst
    Bravery steadfast
    In no mans land tonighr
    Definately caught fright

    Eveything could end
    Invincibility end
    Trembles at the thought
    Silences fearful thoughts

    Time races through the day
    Invisible ghosts pray
    Murder will som commence
    Extreme horror the expense.

    Signs of horror begun
    Loud thunder of the guns
    Artillery pounds and slaughtrs
    Ultimate attacke has been ordered

    Gallant officer sighs
    His men may die
    Trauma takes its toll
    End beyound control

    Rarely has he observed
    So much carnage emerged
    Comrades, brothers just like him
    Agonising death hope slim

    Regiments went to thier death
    Elite soldier Lucky holds his breath
    Stand down comes the order
    Attack failed on enemy's border

    Lucky indeed is still alive
    Tour of duty has survived
    Will go home to his mother
    Keep the promise made to lover

    His relief turns to anger
    So many comrades in danger
    Deafenned by guns heard no retreat
    Without support slaughter complete

    Butchered in no mans land
    Butchered out of hand
    Lucky watched through sad eyes
    Knew promise he made was just lies.

    He orderered his men to give covering fire
    But not to follow in the mire
    Out of the trench he rose
    Smell of death in his nose

    Started a a one man charge
    Standing tall a target large
    Calling the men to retreat
    Beckonning comrades from defeat

    Luck had for this one man surge
    Tattered uniform through barbed wire emerge
    Galvanised and with instruction
    Many soldiers from distruction

    As his men watched hs plight
    Enemy bullets start to bite
    Rip and tear through his skin
    Thrown backwards he can't win

    Back to his feet his wrecked body stumbles
    Lurches forward retreat he mumbles.
    Still clutching his pistol
    But cant hold on as it recoils

    Enemy advance with bayonets
    Stabbing frenzy final time he is beset
    Made no move as they moved in
    That broken man just pulled the pin

    Ripped apart by the explosion
    Killed enemies in the confusion
    The rest stained by his flesh and blood
    A heroes end in the mud

  • #2
    Graphically writ tale of war Pp. Is this about someone in particular - or just every soldier's possible plight?


    • #3
      It is not a story about a particular man but about bravery, determination, courage,sacrifce,horror,dutyand luck,


      • #4
        The scope is epic, the trajectory tragic in its suspended inevitability. Stirring work, Parkinsonspoet.


        • #5
          Wow - excellent depiction of the horrors of war. Wonderful poem!


          • #6
            I would name this man Audie Murphy!
            It is an epic war story.
            Nice write Pp!