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  • Capture it~•

    There is just something about the way,
    The outside world looks after it just rains-
    A sorta glow on pavement, as greyness fades into the sky-
    He takes me hand in his as if to say
    I'm not the only one whose breath is taken away-
    How could it get better than this?
    Remember this, Capture it~•

    And I don't know how anything could get more
    Perfect than this-
    Take me by the hand and spin me around-
    Capture it, remember this;
    It's so strange but I always Picture this in the back of my head-
    Taking my hand to dance in my most beautiful dress-
    Capture it, remember this...

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    I'm not sure why - but I see this from a father/daughter perspective OWA - is that accurate? At first read I thought a love poem, but it changes for me with more reads. It paints a beautiful picture either way!


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      This really sings, One Wingless Angel. A beautifully phrased and shaped poem!


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        Hi, Wingless One,

        It sounds like a Cinderella story without the shoe. Every girl's dream. I hope it comes true.


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          A fantasy well, told.


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            Thanks for commenting on my poem. And I wrote this the way it is because it should be the reader who actually paints this picture in their mind; It could be a Princess story, a daughter with her father, a love poem or something else if you read my poem and interpret it into your own life ^_^


            • grant hayes
              grant hayes commented
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              It works as all those things, and transmits genuine emotion. Readers can enter it and make it their own. That takes skill!

            • RhymeLovingWriter
              RhymeLovingWriter commented
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              I like that a lot OWA! I don't think I've learned that yet - thanks for a great example to follow!

            • imrogue
              imrogue commented
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              great work! love it!