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  • Recess

    I run
    I flee
    You follow me
    Pursuing me
    I jump, I run, I hide

    Your tongue is wagging
    Hair is shaggy
    You burp, you smell, you're gross

    The boys are taunting
    And girls are watching
    This merry little courtship

    I'm out of breath
    I need to rest
    I've nothing left
    No strength, no fight, no will

    Ah! But wait!

    Another wind
    And it begins
    A second lap 'round the playground

    With glee
    I flee
    Away from thee
    I almost make it, too

    From behind you tackle
    The leaves beneath us crackle
    As gravity and motion collide

    "Oh please, not me!
    Just leave me be!"
    As your soggy lips come near

    "Oh yes, my dear,
    Our time is here,"
    And my first kiss
    This moment of bliss
    Is drowned in graham cracker saliva

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    Absolutely LOVE the ending on this Kate! 'graham cracker saliva' - it all paints a picture - but this one adds the sense of taste as well! Nicely done!


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      Love this!


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        Top of the queue Kate! We played spin the bottle as kids. A different kind of recess. That is my first kiss memory. Well done Kate.
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          I was sure the pursuer was of poochian blood when these words I read...

          Your tongue is wagging
          Hair is shaggy
          You burp, you smell, you're gross

          I'm sure you really wanted that first kiss, and you were exhausted, but I think you should have run faster!

          Very tender memory, Kate, and an enjoyable read!