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Dukes garden dream

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  • Dukes garden dream


    Sleep well sleep long
    Quiet spring silences winters song
    Your garden awaits
    Now that your home
    Let’s hold hands in the dandelion yard
    Like when we were all young

    Easier now with simple breath
    Your love for us is forever
    Why should you wait any longer?
    Run to the place that you come from
    Dream of the garden that holds you
    Touch the sun that gives life

    You gave so much to this world
    Hesitation was not your word
    Life was your demand
    Pride is your flower
    That now blooms forever

    Your love waits beside you
    Anxious pretending
    But still calm
    Touching remembering
    Silent this time

    It’s hard to imagine that steel made your hands
    Rivers flowed past you
    Not even a thought

    The house in the valley cradled the dream
    Lilac, Cherry, Apple
    Pleasant man

    The land on the hill begged for your dream
    And your spirit surrounds it
    You loved all that loved yours
    Your toil reflects it
    Our tears you reject them

    Love is all you see now
    From the beginning until the end
    And we still remain
    But remember your dream

    Silent comes the morning
    With your early thoughts
    Planting a seed to this dying earth
    Growing a love for us to believe
    Telling the truth
    To us that would listen

    Time is too fast to tell all your secrets
    And life is too short for all our goodbyes

    Your garden grew more than you knew
    And your life is all that I know
    And your love is all that I know
    And your strength is all that I need to know

    We will remember you and your garden
    And one day we will sow together
    All of us like the sun
    Full of love
    In the dandelion yard

    In the garden
    One day home
    We will come

    My only father
    Your only son


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      This has put me in tears. You have a poet's heart, the second. 'Likes' are inadequate here. I feel you captured the very essence of this man with your words. You weave a spell of place, relationships, and a personality that endures. There is a purity about this poem; that is something to treasure.


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        Thank You with moist eyes. Its hard for me to read it . I wrote it after my fathers death. Actually I think it was easier for me to write than it is for me to read now


        • grant hayes
          grant hayes commented
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          This is a real monument to him, and to your regard for him. I am not being sentimental; this is genuinely moving because you choose the right words to bring your feelings alive for others.

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        A touching and lyrical tribute to love of a loving father. Emotionally powerful, The second.


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          The title put two thoughts in my head, but the poem just blew them right out. The sights, the sounds, the emotions of this poem are very vivid and make it alive. Your love, repect and feeling of loss are there in beautifully paced beautiful words. Very well done


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            Truly beautiful poem.