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A Visit Of Silence

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  • A Visit Of Silence

    We sat, staring silently
    One at the other
    Without saying a word
    Our eyes
    Transfixed into imaginative thoughts
    A vigil of souls
    Betwixt mother and son
    If ever a painful moment in my life
    It is now
    To see my mother sitting there
    All cried out
    I'm the center of her pain

    Those eyes those beautiful brown eyes
    Staring intently into my soul
    As If
    Searching for the unknown
    The source of my proclivities
    For I am
    Far from that which she envisions me to be
    And what perchance, I am to never know
    But that she loves me still
    And I
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    We all have tendencies but there is nothing like a mother's love that is greater than our disappointments and faults. Very tender and sad that we disappoint ourselves and let others down.


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      Yes. Those were the hardest times of my life. I'm glad you understand. Thank you my friend.


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        I myself have gazed into the very same kind of saddened brown eyes, my friend... I shall never forget the look as long as I live, nor the hate I felt for causing it. There's something to be said for a man that understands that mentally hurting a loved one, hurts in a way that physical trauma couldn't come close... kudos to you my friend.


        • Odonko-ba
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          Thank you my friend. That kind of hurt it's not just a pain, it's a pang. A feeling I hope to never experience again.

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        You have captured the essence of that heartache, disappointment, and love!


        • Odonko-ba
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          Thank you my friend

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        Cut straight into me and wrung tears out.


        • Odonko-ba
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          Thank you poet

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        '...She loves me still And I she', Odonko-ba - thank you for sharing this soul-baring, heart-wringing slice of reality. Beautifully writ.


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          It is a rare child indeed who has not disappointed a parent. It is also sad when the child has not disappointed the parent but thinks they have. Very touching write O-b. The brown eyes are everymom, and it is hard to look in them when they suffer for you.