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    grant hayes
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    This is one of the reasons I have difficulty going to tour ancient sites. I am drawn by the beauty and repulsed by the remains of humanity's disregard. Of course - I'm never part of the problem, right? Well, I try not to be.


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      Another masterpiece!

      And even though I AM NOT QUALIFIED TO CRITIQUE

      I recognise it's CRAFTSMANSHIP...


      Please Just give me a week or 2 to decipher it's hidden syntax...

      Another Masterpiece mate.


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        We too are archaeology, Rhymist.


        • RhymeLovingWriter
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          Less enduring, I think, then much of your subject matter. Then again - if we keep on writing - that alone is testimony for review. May it be regarded and handled kindly by future souls.

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        Thank you kindly, Billie!

        BTW, there are no qualifications necessary here besides the willingness to read. So you are eminently qualified!


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          Hi, grant, This is TOP notch stuff, so full of imagery and singing lyrics, and great subject matter. You have a painted a clear, enchanting image, and have done so with astonishing beauty! Bravo, archealogist/poet!
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            I note the word 'clear' mate It's nice to be a bit less opaque than usual. This one is drawn from experience; it's an attempt to distil much I have seen and felt into a single moment.

            Many thanks, Maestro Henry!


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              The Archaeology of Insight: there's a poem's title to run with! I doubt it would be one of mine, but I can imagine it heading the work of any of several Zone poets.

              Thank you again for your encouragement, Samuel!


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                I feel what you have written in your last two stanzas!
                this line blew me away:
                Urgent lenses rake the scene,
                The entire piece is marvelously granthayesian !


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                  Ye gods! I am become an adjective! Hahahahaha.

                  I am pleased my stanzas spoke to you, Suz-zen. And many thanks for the Like ☺


                  • Suz-zen
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                    ahhaha! no other word could I find in my quiver, sufficient to perfectly pinpoint how i felt about this! Like so many of your poems and comments, another arrow needed to be added to hit the target!!
                    Look for it again...

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                  Grant when I see pictures of ancient statues or pieces left behind, it breaks my heart and I try to visualize what it was like -- the city, the people -- what hits me is how 'things' outlive the people that made them. I love your poem and I read Shelley's and Smith's poems. Shelley's poem speaks more to me than Smith's poem. However I love them both.


                  • grant hayes
                    grant hayes
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                    grant hayes commented
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                    Thank you, Alexandra! Yes, I also prefer Shelley's poem. It was one of the first poems I committed to memory.

                    It's actually a very culturally specific trait - that melancholy reflection on ruins you mention. Many cultures do not particularly care for fragments of the ancient past.

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                  Grant, this is amazing in depth, imagery and the clarity of the beam emanating from you to the reader - dazzling!


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                  Absolutely wonderful write - heartfelt and though provoking. The loss...


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                  grant, as always, another masterful write... !


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                  I agree with the others.

                  Your poetry has a distinctive blunt, seamless, eloquence to it. It cuts to the core of the subject matter, in a jarring manner.

                  I really appreciate your style, your mastery of language. You use words like priceless pearls, garnered the old fashioned way, yet strung elegantly, on display.

                  There may be dirt under the nails, but none have stained the page.