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Teenage Mum - Grwon Up Tears

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  • Teenage Mum - Grwon Up Tears

    All single parents have it hard.
    Regardless of gender....

    Teenage mum - Grown up tears

    I kiss your wounds, to help them heal,
    It breaks my heart, the way you feel.

    The pain I see, inside your eyes,
    Although you try, can't be disguised.

    Your life's been hard, a single mum,
    It sure as hell, can't be much fun.

    But words of truth, they have a ring,
    I know you wouldn't change a thing.


    Your folks & friends, say to remove,
    The life that's harboured, in your womb,
    Though torn & split within your head,
    You keep this child, without regret.


    It's not your fault,
    Your not to blame,
    So don't you dare, feel any shame.

    You fell in love,
    Your motives true,
    Perhaps he lied, & mislead you.

    Your friends are free,
    To club & roam,
    But mum & child, must stay at home.

    You've not yet seen,
    The man you'll meet,
    But loves still there,
    keep faith, my sweet.


    Reject, abort or just conceive,
    This child is yours, & you won't leave,
    So when you say, you'll keep this kid,
    You dedicate your life to it.


    Sometimes we need,
    To feel & touch,
    Sometimes it's sex,
    Without the love.

    Loneliness then leads to bars,
    You find your in,
    Back seats of cars.

    But teenage boys,
    They dream of toys,
    Like motorbikes, that make loud noise.

    Though no one knows,
    What's in your heart,
    Coz Single mums, have got it hard.


    You made a choice, this child to keep,
    On lonely nights, you'll sit & weep,
    And youth, you may have sacrificed,
    The price you paid, to keep this life.


    Yes girls have needs, for sex like men,
    So don't you dare, go label them!
    See Double standards make me sick,
    And people really judge too quick.

    Now don't sit there & then preside,
    Coz real men, they don't run & hide.
    What single mums, are forced to do,
    You'd find most guys, just can't live through.


    20 years have long since passed,
    My oh how it went so fast.
    Now all grown up, look back in time,
    Your child's an adult, with such pride.

    But here's the truth, you've passed the test,
    A grandma now, hold high your head,
    And oh how proud, you proved them wrong,
    That child you kept, lived long & strong.


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    This is another beautiful testimony to the sacrificial side of love. Thanks Billie!


    • #3
      All you write I like, I love this one! It is a very awesome dedication to single mothers. Especially the young ones. Thank you for sharing!


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        Thanks for seeing the ""PAIN OF LOVE""
        Side to things.

        Love hurts...
        Yet we still pursue it.

        Thanks heaps. Guys.


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          Yes, Billie, it is a big sacrifice and hard work to raise a child when you are yourself a child. Anyone who does that alone deserves a lot of credit. Very well done.


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            Thanks MHenry..
            Peace to you mate.