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Poetry Word Prompt # 3 (Shadowed Places)

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  • Poetry Word Prompt # 3 (Shadowed Places)

    It was the last clear night
    before autumn made the roses cower,
    the moon, a perfect amber jewel,
    set within the heavenly crown.

    The wise know
    that time flows in only one direction,
    the sage know
    that time is a fickle friend.

    But I failed to see the lesson in this:
    impending deprivation,
    passions relegated
    to an insatiable dream.

    I held your hand,
    you held the looking glass,
    hoping to catch a comet on its way.
    But the look in your eyes,
    as we sat beneath that umbrella of stars,
    left the previous plans forgotten.

    Your freckles,
    the sprinkled constellation
    of embellished perfection,
    bid me,
    discard the virtue of patience,
    when weighed in the balance
    of a vanishing season,
    as these hands,
    abandoned their innocence
    and dared to explore,
    your shadowed places.
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    Outstanding work! Poetic perfection in every sense of the word. BRAVO!


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      Beautiful and romantic, sensual and longing; well done indeed!


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        A departure for you, prophet, into the lovelyrical. And, may I say, you have brought it off brilliantly. Likecity.


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          Oh, I go love lyrical sometimes,
          I just don't often reveal that side.


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            Truly this is a very lovely poem. From beginning to end - I am entranced by its beauty. You did more than do justice to those words. I am in awe.


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              Dwayne - this is a wonderfully beautiful love poem. I so appreciate the early mention of the expanse of time juxtaposed with the urgency of the ending. And a love story in the bargain - yes!


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                Beautifully done, Dwayne! Very romantic with many well-turned phrases!