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  • Libido

    Lusts carnal awakening
    Demanding her satisfaction
    A Frankenstein creating life
    As butterflies flutter in her stomach

    Impels her to imagine
    To consider her delight
    As he enters and fulfils
    Bringing completeness

    Basic physical needs
    Demonstrating their power
    Subtlty abandonded
    Yearning embraced

    Instinct prepares
    Warmth in her loins
    Previews the onset
    Of humectation

    Desiring urgency
    Body controls mind
    Delicious anticipation
    Curls her toes

    Orgasm invades
    And overwhelms
    Ecstatic wave through her
    Bringing untold pleasure

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    I like this...

    It's tastefully done! In my opinion.

    And this is the verse I liked most...

    Instinct prepares
    Warmth in her loins

    Yes I enjoyed it.
    Well done mate. SKILLFULLY written.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Billy thank you. I must admit due to structure this was more carefully prepared than anything I have written for a while

    • MHenry
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      Hi,Billie, It is very disheartening to post something and have no one see it, especially if it is a piece of merit.

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    Well it's funny you should say that...

    In one of these forums I posted WHAT I & OTHERS,
    Though to be ONE OF MY BEST PIECES...

    ZERO was the response from those on this website...

    Teachers of English literature were even impressed by
    This piece I wrote. And I thought it was one of my best!

    Yet there was not a single solitary like or reply!

    Although you feel you put A LOT OF THOUGHT INTO THIS
    PARTICULAR PIECE! And so did I....

    I guess what others enjoy or like? Doesn't always
    Fit into the efforts that we though or felt CERTAIN that we made.

    None the less...
    I thought your piece was ADMIRABLE & tastefully done.

    If others do? Or don't?

    Sometimes that's the way it goes...


    Peace be upon you...


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Actually i agree sometimes am surprised by lack of interest incertain pieces but sometimes it is due to timing of the post rather than anything else

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    This is a different structure for you, Parkinsonspoet, and I like how you've paced it. It would be great to see more blank verse from you.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Did you notice the structure shown in the next reply?

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      I didn't notice the first letter of each stanza spelling 'Libido', no. When I mentioned structure I was thinking of the blank verse. But that acrostic pattern you've incorporated into the piece takes it all to another level. That is so very impressive, Parkinsonspoet!


      • Parkinsonspoet
        Parkinsonspoet commented
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        Grant I did use an acrostic method but it slightly more complexthan that. I found an acronym but my acronym is loosely a definition of Libido. Using each word to start the verse has helped to control the pace and the intensity

      • Parkinsonspoet
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        I would also be interested in your opinions of Desire part 1 2 and 3 I had a specific purpose in mind and wanted views before revealing it but nobody expressed views on the overall 3 pieces

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      This is a provocative, thought provoking piece. I feel like a bit like Mata Hari trying to break a code here! i like it!


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        Sometimes judge a book by its cover
        Meaning is there need no other
        Is it obvious is it right
        Meaning hiding in plain sight

        Is there more to the surface than meets the eye
        Interpret deconstruct decommision analyse
        It is thought process that makes us human
        How much known How much assuming

        I will finish this another day


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          This is well done, Pp, and with some clever devices hidden in there, which make the piece more complex and challenging than many of your more humorous poems. This is a welcome change-up, to use a baseball term!


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            Being on here has challenged me to grow. This is a piece I would never previously writtn. So thanks to all for the inspiration and encouragement


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              I did not see the acroism LIBIDO at first. nice. Great example of blank verse in concise verses. Lots of imagry too. I particulary liked "delicious anticipation curled her toes. Provoking images. Now as far as comments and likes I think you have to not be concerned. The value of a poem is subjective and this is just one web site. Even here, days change, feelings change, attitudes change and I like most are more interested in what people think of my poems than I am of others.


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                Parkinsonspoet - My toes have just curled up and my whole left side just went numb which makes me very happy that I'm Libido-right-handed and can therefore say.....I definitely enjoyed my temperature rise with this one Pp!! Now my left side is starting to tingle which either means my blood is rushing back or my toes are about to curl up again. Whoa! Now that's Entertainment.....and thanks for the tingle Pp. Namyh
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                  I must have missed this first time in the queue. Spicy subject matter - and all of the comments about 'blank verse' have compelled me to look up what that is. I may even try to write that form, but it's difficult for me not to lapse into rhyme. It might be a good practice!


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                      Originally posted by MHenry View Post
                      This is well done, Pp, and with some clever devices hidden in there, which make the piece more complex and challenging than many of your more humorous poems. This is a welcome change-up, to use a baseball term!
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