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Lose the Rhymes! Anti-Rhyme!

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  • Lose the Rhymes! Anti-Rhyme!

    Lose the Rhymes! Anti-Rhyme!

    If you want to elevate your poetry, lose the frigging rhymes!
    If I’ve told you once, my friend, I’ve told you a thousand times!
    Free verse is the only way to make your poetry sublime!

    I’m not one to repeat myself, but I’ll say it one more time
    If you insist on always rhyming, your poems will be benign
    If you let your words flow freely, your word choice will be prime

    Unless you are a wizard and your rhymes as smooth as silk
    Get yourself some cookies and a nice cold glass of milk
    Set to writing poetry in the anti-rhyming ilk!

    Follow me, now!

    The wind was acting crazy - it blew both left and right
    It blew my neighbor’s hat away - away and out of … view

    He chased it halfway down the block – but catch it he could not
    Every time he’d grab for it, it was further than he … suspected

    All the neighbors joined the chase – some were wearing slippers
    Two women were wearing pasties, I thought they must be … exotic dancers

    Then down the street came Rover, a giant St. Bernard
    He was loping over fences and through my mom’s back … area

    Rover caught my neighbor’s hat and chewed it up to shreds
    By then it was time to go to sleep, so I went straight to … the place where I sleep

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    A bright eruption of virtuoso indignation and playful wordunplay, MHenry. Dare I rhyme again? 😨