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  • Nearer to Treachery

    To those,
    for whom love,
    is more
    than a mere rhetorical device to:
    preclude debate,
    foreclose dialogue,
    and relegate dissent
    to penumbric territories,
    its subversion is a tragedy.

    For love has never been,
    the unquestioned toleration,
    of corosive conduct.
    Since one,
    ought neither,
    to countenance injustice,
    nor march lock-step with the devil,
    for harmony's sake.

    And, while it remains true, that,
    to love unconditionally,
    is to persist in one's affections,
    regardless of circumstance,
    to love in a manner transcending
    mere sentimentality,
    is necessarily to aspire
    to see conditions improved.

    As every parent,
    who has ever reared a child,
    through tumultuous seasons,
    can attest,
    to love someone,
    deeply, passionately, spiritually,
    is to endeavour to see her flourish,
    even at the risk of being vilified.

    For to stand passively,
    to approve, tacitly,
    as the beloved betrays
    the hallmarks of integrity,
    is far from love,
    and much nearer
    to treachery.
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    So true. Being a good parent is necessary if you love your child rather than being the popular parent which really is not love, for love is having their best interest in mind and action. Being the popular parent or 'friend' is not love at all but treachery. It takes a lot of love and work to be the best parent you can be. Words of wisdom Dwayne. Truly!!


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      Another gut-punching write, Dwayne, in your signature style.
      Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on the planet, and what hangs in the balance is a life of ease and happiness, or one of pain and suffering.


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        Thus sprach Dwaynathustra ☺

        Wisdom winsomely written.


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          Extraordinary work Dwayne! It's rhythm and flow, and the deeply meaningful thoughts are just excellent work.


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            I feel ya here> It does have that flow. Like lay back on one of those blow up swimming pool rafts all is good, water calm, then some jumps in and you tip over