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Poetic Reviews Pt.3

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  • Poetic Reviews Pt.3

    These are just some of my High Quality Poetic Reviews.....can't let them go to waste, enjoy

    I honor your contribution
    Here's my poetic retribution
    There's no need for persecution
    Jesus Christ the Resolution

    The sweetest poem
    I imagined your tone
    Magic is known
    When your poems are shown

    No one really listens
    This system creates victims
    Their words contradicts them
    Kind of hard to resist them

    Their contributions
    Was really counterfeit
    The Constitution
    Written by hypocrites

    I love your devotion
    You've found love's potion
    Through all the commotion
    I feel the emotion

    Tomorrow will be better
    Today I'm still mourning
    For now I'll write this letter
    Joy comes in the morning
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    You generate rhyme in record time Poemahontas! Or have you been saving up?


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      Real life is what I write
      So it's very easy to me
      Not for the insights
      It's really therapy for me

      Thanks for the review


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        Very nice collection of comments, Poemahontas! Thanks for sharing!


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          Very nice!! I enjoyed reading. Your rhyme scene is very good and it has a great tempo!