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Poetic Reviews Pt.1

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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    Poemahontus and poemaholic - I'd say you are hooked for sure! Keep rocking, you're on a roll!

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  • Poemahontas
    Mocking birds
    Mocking me
    But copyrights
    Copy me........

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  • Poemahontas
    started a topic Poetic Reviews Pt.1

    Poetic Reviews Pt.1

    These are just some of my High Quality reviews.....can't let them go to waste, enjoy

    Poemahontas Proclamation
    Spreading rhymes to every nation
    I'm just honest, exclamation
    Poems I promise, activation

    Hungry for the Word
    I read through scriptures
    Angry as a bird
    I've bled through pictures

    Adjectives and verbs
    Delightful mixture
    Imperatives and curbs
    Makes some poems richer

    When speaking the truth
    The deaf will hear
    While seeking the proof
    Your message is clear

    My costume
    I designed it myself
    Don't assume
    Before checking yourself

    The mirror.....
    A reflection of deception
    It's clearer
    Than perception and direction

    Be a man
    Take a stand
    Love is grand

    God above
    Knows my fate
    Fight for love
    Kill the hate

    A poem a day
    Makes me feel okay
    My song today
    Never made its way

    What can I say
    Poems everyday
    I'm a poemaholic
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