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  • Rebuttal? Witness? You decide.

    This one is for MHenry - in response to his post, The Conundrum of Faith and Hope

    (I) Don’t think that I’ve writ a rebuttal before – much less in a way which will speak from my core
    Yet invite is out and the quest holds the cue – my heart must engage now to carry me through
    The query was posed as to faith and to hope – but leaves out one-third of most triadic scope
    The virtue in scripture most noted as great – is love, and though greatest, ‘til last verse must wait

    First: faith – it was writ – takes the place as a sub for proof things exist, like a grouse or a grub.
    For things one can touch, one can poke, one can prod – would need still exist for a figure like God?
    If senses define it (supposing they’re sound) – then much different reason for faith must be found
    Though maybe not yet – for there’s more to the eye – or hand, if we’re honest, than what we espy
    Have you proven moons and the stars on your own? Or taken the word that another has sown?
    Unless only you have conducted each test – does faith in said science become your behest?
    When plumbing the depths or when scaling the heights – does trust in your senses determine what’s right?
    There’s more, so much more than the eye or the mind (can) address or explain – in the end all are blind.
    So what do you do with the things beyond sense – are they nonexistent because we are dense?
    Is it possible, just, we’ll never know all? (And) if that could be true – why does faith so appall?
    Years ago, before marvels technology brings – or in times before carcass of metal took wings
    Would a man who believed or dreamed them as true – just on faith – been a gambler? or disciple true?

    Next: hope – it was writ – subs for things left unsure – like saving of earth or disease driven cure
    If those two examples don’t serve to explain perhaps I should choose something greater in gain
    Like eternal life? Will that do for case to expound and examine and maybe give chase?
    If truth favors those who are all about chance – then life after death could be pure happenstance
    Or myth for the gullible written to sway – and end of this life is no cause for dismay
    Now hope, ala Nietzsche, had outcome quite stark – as if we’d be better to wait in the dark
    (If) by hope is meant idle, capricious affair – for that empty model I’d have not a care
    Yet if it’s an active, reliable friend – the path on the way is quite different in trend
    We’re born and we die with some growth in between – and how we approach it can alter the scene
    While Job was a hoper of ultimate scale – I’d settle for rising again with each fail
    It’s not that I change anybody but ME – by waiting in joy for the things I can’t see
    The odds I will play center squarely on ONE – who sacrificed all that our souls would be won

    Religion, I’ll say, is its own special beast – though topic’s so broad, I’ll address it, at least
    From vantage of Catholics of Roman milieu (with caveat - I still have learning to do)
    Again loving charity binds me to say - I mean no offense here toward your chosen way
    Faith/hope are components for basis as staid but stronger foundation block needs to be laid
    It’s truth that’s required to weather the storms – truth solid, enduring, defending the norms
    So far as I’ve studied (which always seem small) there was One whose claim as THE TRUTH covered all
    And then there’s authority – most people’s bane. We all follow someone for ill or for gain
    We may be self-centered or deity led – endure different views - with insipient dread
    For R.C.’s the history is checkered for sure – yet down through the ages she tends to endure
    The Spirit has promised, despite people’s sins – grace flowing, protecting, Christ’s Church for the win
    Those people who make up community life – like zoners commiserate when e’er there’s strife?
    The one thing unique to the Catholic crowd – is Eucharist – yes - I have said it out-loud!
    The grace to accept it is God we receive – communion affected is what I believe

    So now I have come to that faith-lapsing fear – it’s happened before and yet I am still here
    While acting quite ‘pagan’ my God still would call – His gift of redemption is offered to all
    A lapse is a lapse (and we call it a sin) – each moment by moment is new to begin
    Do I ever worry I’ve been too far gone – you bet, Satan plays me like any old pawn
    But how I hold fast even deep in that mire is the hope (yes the hope) that’s been tested by fire
    ‘cause each time I ‘get it’ and come home again, the tempter grows farther away in his fen
    So hedging my bets? – There is no need at all. I cling to the Master each time that I fall
    He won’t ask perfection but only a try with love and devotion each day ‘til I die
    My fate on this earth is accepted as done – but not in a way that decrees I have won
    My battles are daily but fought not alone – in ways most unique, never acting a clone

    Now love, as I promised, holds place of renown – embodied in Him who has taken the crown
    Yes Jesus, the Spirit and Father – all three – communion of love that is dubbed Trinity
    One thing that’s so cool about THIS bit of faith – is He is much nearer than any old wraith
    He breathes through our bodies – ignites us to give – He models surrender in how we should live
    It’s part of the whole of which I’m most aware – the way He commanded that we are to care
    Love God above all with your heart, strength, and mind – love neighbor as self (and that means to be kind)
    Do we always DO it? Now come one, get real. The breathtaking beauty is in the ideal.
    And when we accomplish a smidgeon of love, we build on that sliver with grace from above
    With faith we can answer the hope of the call, to love every neighbor and calm every squall
    I’m no theologian with lofty refrain, but know when I’ve felt it through pleasure or pain
    I can’t see tomorrow – today will be fine. I’ll witness to love and I’ll claim Him as mine.
    And when, at the end, or beginning anew – perhaps I’ll be walking in lock-step with you.

    If you've read all the way to the end - my profound thanks for your patience. I've never written anything like this before and am quite thankful to MHenry for the challenge to stand in what I say I believe.

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    Hi, RLW, Yes, I did read this all the way through. The first thing that struck me was that you took the challenge! The second thing that struck me was the time and effort you must have put into this. The third thing that struck me was how you managed to rhyme all these lines! The fourth thing that struck me was what I already knew... how deep is your faith, and what a wonderful person you are. This is certainly a serious poem and a compelling defense of faith, hope, religion, and love. I congratulate you on a fine piece of work!

    I am not a complete washout. I do believe in love!


    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      Ah, MHenry - you are a true gentleman! Some parts produced themselves quite easily and others took some fenagling to make the rhymes. (I just looked the word fenagling up in the dictionary to see if I was using it correctly and the first definition gives it's meaning as 'to trick, swindle, or cheat'. Perhaps I've been using it incorrectly for many years because that doesn't sound like an intentionally Christian thing to do at all!) I already knew - but am so happy to hear confirmation that you believe in LOVE - because - after all - that is the most important thing of all! Thank you again - for comment and like!

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    Very well thought out and paced, and what fun it must have been setting to rhyme. A great response to MHenry's challenge.


    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      Thank you Muttado1sb - I do believe it's the longest single write I've ever tried in rhyme. I appreciate you taking time to comment and thank you for the like!