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    The lions a killer when the suns at your feet
    Make room for the new guests
    The liar the lover the child and his mother the thief
    We all took part in the slaying
    Then after the death again began preying, yes preying
    Opening the door she asked are you staying?
    We couldn’t have gone more than a couple of miles when my head became like a bullet
    Hot, spinning, heavy
    Again the storm was approaching, the island was moving and she was forgiving
    I said to her I would like to dance with you
    She smiled and pinched my nipple, I felt ashamed
    We ate the wild ginger
    I managed to tame the sea
    But the ocean is always right
    Until the fire cannot be quenched
    We stood in the shadows of the moonlight
    Beneath ancient stars
    Carved out our time there
    I supposed love was shared
    I asked did you ever feel afraid
    Her answer was the same
    Smiles and lies
    She said it’s the truth
    The sun never dies
    We walked backed to the place where all things got started
    Green was the color but blue was entangled
    Life was our picture but death had it strangled
    We managed to pass along a thin dream a sort of pathway that floated from my lips to hers
    Although we never spoke at that time
    We talked with our eyes
    Telling stories of people that loved, hated, fell and said their goodbyes
    She told me when night was black and not blue
    Spoke strongly of love
    But none was of you
    She said forget the narrow calculations of those who control it
    Breath deep
    Eyes closed
    Shoot straight
    No pain
    With a head like a bullet


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    You have a long, slow style, The second, which draws me in and wraps me up into the words and the story. The variety of phrasing paces this story so nicely. Intriguing. The line that keeps drawing me back? 'We talked with our eyes' - shivers. Nicely done!


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      Hi, the second, I absolutely love this piece, particularly up to the line The sun never dies. For my money, you could end it there.