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Beethoven and his pupil's tragedy as we walk the night closer

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  • Katray
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    Wow, Thank you, MHenry. I have countless love poems; okay, you asked for ' Prepare for lift off!
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  • MHenry
    Katray, you have a power with words such to bring men to their knees! Come, lift me up that I might enjoy your verse in manly pose!

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  • Beethoven and his pupil's tragedy as we walk the night closer

    Minuet of moon
    elevates dream scape
    oe'r darkening weald and heath
    where love played
    into eyes as a candela
    once burning.
    souls leap yon earthly churning
    as odyssey of key waltzed skies freeing
    their tearfall upon a power of our bliss lamenting.
    Recall born fierce swells sorrows crescendoing
    the peak of passions thundering mad. Oneness is a wave
    breaking through cloud cover into silvered and golden glow.
    Night Sun joins our ballet arching and winnowing
    away distance to touch.

    (written a long time ago, in the flush of new love and a deepening interest in the arts and in the masters - their works and their stories)

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