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Tears From My Heart

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  • Tears From My Heart

    These words that are spoken
    Is from a heart that was broken
    I was vulnerable and open
    So the love here was stolen

    That mistake cost me
    But it taught me a lesson
    My guard was let down
    My heart had no protection

    What I thought was love
    It left a bad impression
    So when I tried to love
    I lacked that affection

    Now the only things here
    Is pain and fear
    The pain turned into scars
    And the fear into tears

    All of these emotions
    Has torn me apart
    My eyes are not crying
    These are tears from my heart ‚Äč

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    Very sad and soulful Poemahontas.


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      Hi, Poemahontas,
      I enjoyed this poem!

      Here is your poem in haiku, because people love you.

      Stolen love's lesson
      For crying heart, keep up guard
      Avoid scar and pain


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      Thank you MHenry.....

      Tears from my heart
      Just tares me apart
      Apart from these tears
      There's tares through my heart......

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