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Love does not end with death

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  • Love does not end with death

    Love does not end with death

    Cradle me in your gentle caring arms
    Kiss me until I can’t breathe any more
    One more time, enjoy all your lovely charms
    Into your eyes, my precious life outpour

    Rock me slowly deeply into the night
    Let my love soar in final ecstasy
    As the stars shine, shimmer and love invites
    Lovers’ song played with exquisite melody

    My life finally slowly ebbs away
    Here is where I want to draw my last breath
    this final role I am allowed to play
    a love like ours does not end with our death

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    There is finality - and though your word choice belies gentleness (cradle, rock slowly, ebbs) - I sensed serious strength as I read this. Wonderful effect AtL! Wonderful!


    • AlexandratheLate
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      I am a romantic and would like to die in my loves arms instead of alone for I believe that death does not end love, only life as we know it.

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    That would be the ideal way to go. This poem sings lyrically, Alexandra. You have articulated what I daresay is a universal wish. The sad truth it implies, of course, is that the one left behind must have a different departure. Perhaps it is the hope of reunion that eases the way in that case.


    • AlexandratheLate
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      Very true Grant. I've just seen too many people die alone and perhaps it's because they were the ones left behind. My grandma never stopped loving my grandpa -- he died shortly after I was born -- but she lived long and died alone.

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    Somber, soulful, beauty.


    • AlexandratheLate
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      Thank you Dwayne our insightful poet.

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    True preternatural love, I believe, has the capacity to transcend even death. Be it only as carbon atoms spread throughout the unknown....


    • AlexandratheLate
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      Thank you very much graydon for reading and commenting. I believe Love doesn't die just because the person dies, otherwise we wouldn't hurt so much - it would die with them and perhaps the hope is in being reunited or at least not feeling so sad without them til we see them again.

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    The HOLLYWOOD way to go....

    I'm sorry that you lost SO MANY FAMILY MEMBERS

    I know about the inevitability of loss...

    But I'm so sorry you lost so many at ONCE!

    Your poem is a universal dream...
    We all want to leave this world, surrounded by loved ones.

    But the words you've ARRANGED, were like slipping
    Into a warm bath... THAT NEVER ENDS!

    I believe in the eternal soul.
    I feel this life is an Entree to THE MAIN COURSE...

    Your poem resonated with a desire that we all want.
    And did so, SO WELL!

    Which justifies why I've mentioned you & some others
    In a small post named:

    Those I Know, At Rhymezone.

    I hope it's ok with you?

    Your poem was DEVINE...
    Thanks for the WARM BATH.


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      Thank you Billie for the kind comments. I truly appreciate your reading my poems.


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        Hi, Alexandra, Your poem on Love and Death is beautifully sentimental and universal. Personally, I have no doubt that love survives death. Perhaps, not physical love, but physical love is merely a manifestation of emotional love. When I think of my parents; certain moments, habits, or things they said or did, I get teary-eyed. I miss them at those moments from love, and in those moments love renews.


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          That's so beautiful MH. my parents are still together, have been through a lot and still love each other.


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            Lyrical, concise - flows beautifully. Love is the only cure for the mystery of existence.


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              Thank you very much Tanner. I'm trying to get through all of yours. You're an amazing poet. :-).