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African woman (though by a mother)

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  • African woman (though by a mother)

    (taught by a mother)

    Thought my life was full

    Now I feel like the fool

    Being used like a tool

    Only made me lose my cool

    Now I look up the sky

    Thinking how could I fly without saying goodbye

    To the ones I love

    I could only lie

    To spare them the pain

    And find my lane, without the plane

    Now I can only pray

    For I can no longer wait

    To find my fate, and to be on my way

    Through the struggle, is where I was made

    For the black girl raised in the struggle, my heart is a grenade

    Like a dog I strayed, but I will never fade

    For I am not just a shade

    Never afraid to raise my beautiful voice to say my grace

    I am what GOD created

    An independent black woman, phenomenal, powerful, strong, never wrong, no I don't tag along, stand on my own ground,
    created by my own hands, I know where I stand, my soul is a wolf pack

    I am black and proud

    Loud and black, lost but found.

    I feel the glory burning in my soul

    I am an African woman and I keep it 100

    nevermind what society thinks

    I will walk and keep on rising with this graceful skin

    Love yourself in your skin, no matter the price to pay
    I mean we all have debts that need to be payed
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    Explosively REAL Hawa Diawara! The phrase that grabs me most is 'my soul is a wolf pack'. The image that conjures up in my imagination is amazing! This is so genuine. Thank you!


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      Aww you're moving me to tears, this poem means so much to me, and i'm happy you enjoy it. RhymeLovingWriter


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        Wonderful! 😄