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There Was an Old Lady (or not)

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  • There Was an Old Lady (or not)

    There was an old lady who climbed up a tree.
    At seventy-three, she climbed up a tree.
    She climbed up the tree as she’d done all her days
    (When I heard of this tale it served to amaze)

    But on the way down just two weekends past
    She took quite a spill. (I hope not her last.)
    From twelve feet above she slipped and she fell
    Is now in rehab with both legs quite unwell

    Her daughter who told me tried hard not to grin
    With a story like that, where would you begin?
    I hope when I get there – to seventy-three
    My kids can tell humorous stories of me.

    Note: The title is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but this was created and is posted with all due respect. It is based on a true story - told to me today. I most certainly would not consider this woman, whom I have never met, an old lady. I only hope I have as much spunk - and mobility - when I reach her age.

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    Seventy-three is not so old these days! I am sorry she got hurt, but you gotta respect the cajones!
    Very enjoyable, RLW!


    • RhymeLovingWriter
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      I know MHenry. And the closer I get, the younger it sounds! Funny how perspective on that changes. Thanks for reading and leaving a post. I might just try to climb a tree tomorrow!

    • MHenry
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      Don't fall!