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  • The Barbecue Gene

    I am s-o-o-o missing the Barbecue Gene,
    hope there are others who know what I mean?
    I hate it from charcoal to food on the plate,
    for what I prepare is not worth the wait.

    Steaks look like jerky – potatoes like coal,
    onions like marbles – ribs a ski pole.
    Chicken is blackened and not what you think,
    the outside is dark – the inside is pink.

    Hot dogs are shriveled like burned curly fries,
    even to try them would not be too wise.
    Pork looks like something you’d shoot from a gun,
    the turkey just sits there – just plain undone.

    I seem less a man - no apron to wear,
    or tall cooking hat to sit on my hair.
    Though this ain’t my gig – I know my cuisine,
    for I have a definite “Driving-Thru Gene.”

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    Ha ha Bob - play to your strengths always! My husband indulges me with the "driving-thru" thing - but he loves his smoker - and I enjoy the results either way!


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      Clever diatribe on the ills of BBQ. As a lover of BBQ, I cannot relate, but I can certainly chuckle!
      Well done (actually, I prefer medium-rare), BGKC!!


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        Thanks - BBQ is definitely "not" one of my strengths.