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"Prissy" and "Peggy"

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  • "Prissy" and "Peggy"

    Prissy the Pear lived high in a tree,
    organic she was - a high pedigree.
    Peggy the Peach lived wild by the road,
    struggling for life - hoping not to erode.
    Prissy looked down at Peggy afar,
    a peasant you are while I am a star.
    While Peggy worked hard to live day to day,
    Prissy was drenched with kindness and spray.
    I'm better than you Prissy said to her self,
    I'll end up in pies or jars on the shelf.
    While you have a fate that's much worse than most,
    get eaten by birds or smashed on a post.
    But then Prissy's world all came apart,
    and something we all can sure take to heart.
    For Prissy and Peggy were picked by a vendor,
    to make a juice drink prepared in a blender.

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    Hahaha...oh yes! A fun and fanciful tale which gently sneaks in a zinger! Children (and adults too) will love this Bob. Lovely!


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      Thank you.