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Desire part 2

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  • Desire part 2

    Desire the fire that burns
    Desire the fire that yearns
    Desire the fire that turns

    I dress for the party
    Nothing to tarty
    Feel like a goddess
    Heels and black dress

    Hair down on bare shoulder
    Started to smoulder
    As I feel his gaze from behind
    I know whats on his mind

    Thoughts excite me
    His desire requites me
    All my body knows
    I curl my toes

    But this is wrong
    With my husband I belong
    As i exit the room
    Butterflies in my womb

    Desire still burns
    Desire still yearns
    Desire still turns
    Desire still churns
    Desire doesn't learn

    Then turn the corner
    Horny performer
    Stood Face to face
    Eyes lock in embrace

    He touched my hand
    Felt sparks fly and
    Our touch did linger
    Damn ring on my finger

    I look in his eyes
    Itch between my thighs
    Taken by surprise
    Body wants his prize

    I drag myself away
    Still he doesn't say
    He touches my shoulder
    Grips my soul here

    I must go before I melt
    My desire is heartfelt
    One last lustful look
    No more chances took

    Later on I feel guilty
    Husband starts paws me
    Envision tender lover
    Betray thoughts of another

    I take him inside
    And moan as I ride
    I scratch as we rut
    Lust with no but

    I am overcome
    ladyparts joysome
    As I am consumed
    My libido exhumed

    I feel alive but unfulflled
    My honesty killed
    Felt like three in the bed
    But only two in my head

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    I've read all three parts of this Parkinsonspoet, and am still ruminating. But I had to respond to the last two lines in this in particular. Searing! You have captured raw human experience here in a way that begs reflection and introspection. Epic effort. Now I'm off to ponder further.


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      Wow to provoke so much thoughtis fantastic. I did have an objective in mind when writing these three but I wanted feedback before explaining. If anything occurs to you that you cant write in open forum please pm.


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        Great job with this Pp! I didn't know you had that effect on women!
        More like this! Oh, there are two others. I must find them. I am in the middle.


        • Parkinsonspoet
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          All three are already posted-still not quite sure what effect i have on women

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        Strewth, Parkinsonspoet, this is a powerful study of infidelity that compels without becoming preachy. You know how to hold the attention.


        • Parkinsonspoet
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          Grant thank you this is part of a set of three but so far most of the response came to number 2. I would be interested in any opinions on 1 and 3

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        I can see how this one is the counterpart to part 1, giving the woman's view of the fleeting contact with the man of part 1, and the aftermath, in which she still has thoughts of him as she has sex with her husband. I note the similar -urn rhyming stanzas here as in part 1, and the complementarity of part 1 man's observation of the woman's physical attributes with her own in part 2. Now for part 3.