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  • Give 'em hell Cubbies

    The Cubbies won again today
    They blew the league's best away
    Whatever you want you can say
    This year the Cubs are here to stay

    They just HAVE to do it this year
    They've really got their crap in gear
    So Royals fans cry in your beer
    Because the Cubbies have no fear

    You should see them score runs
    This year they're just having fun
    Go to Wriggly, get a dog on a bun
    Stick a fork in the others, they're done

    Its been a very long drought
    But this year there's little doubt
    The Cubbies have the clout
    Ain't that what its all about

    Its time the Cubs rang the bell
    Where to go, The goat I'll tell
    You know they're doing quite well
    Go Cubbies Go, Give 'em hell
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    True and loyal fans are so inspiring!


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      May the winds of change blow favorably on the windy city cubbie-bears!