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"Sniffers" & "Ear-lee"

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  • "Sniffers" & "Ear-lee"

    Sniffers the Dog was different for sure,
    condition of which – there wasn’t a cure.
    Feeling like thorns in a bouquet of roses,
    Sniffers was born with two distinct noses.

    One to the left and one to the right,
    Sniffers was sure he did look a fright.
    Were no other dogs that he’d ever seen,
    that mirrored his image and that was just mean.

    Ear-lee the Cat was Sniffer’s best friend,
    and many a moments together they’d spend.
    Discussing the things that friends seem to do,
    like favorite ice cream and songs that they knew.

    Sniffers told Ear-lee, “I am such a freak.”
    everyone thinks - I’m really a geek.
    Ear-lee told Sniffers, “Please don’t feel that way.”
    your noses could come in real handy someday.

    She also told Sniffers, “Will you please look at me,”
    is there anything different about me you see?
    Sniffers was shocked when she acted this way,
    she was the same Ear-lee he’d seen every day.

    She shouted at Sniffers while holding back tears,
    have you noticed that I’ve got seventeen ears!
    That’s why I’m called "Ear"-lee – if you need to know,
    It’s what I’ve accepted a long time ago.

    He counted them – then – the ears on her head,
    and after a minute he thought then he said,
    “I’ve not really noticed the number that’s there,
    just happy we’re friends - for me that you care.”

    Said Ear-lee to Sniffers, “That’s how I see you,
    I just love your noses – I thought that you knew?”
    So Sniffers felt better from that moment on,
    and thanks to his friend – his troubles were gone.

    They grew to become a great rescue pair,
    combining their talents just making them rare,
    Ear-lee could hear the faintest of sounds,
    in the tallest of mountains or lowest of grounds.
    Sniffers could smell a scent anywhere,
    from rivers so deep or smoke in the air.
    Their search for the lost – it just never ends,
    these two pals together - these forever friends.
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    What a sweet story of acceptance - and heroic virtue - sounds like a children's book to me!


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      The 'star-crossed animal friends' is a tried and true formula for children's books and this one is a doozy! Thanks for posting BGKC!


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        Thank you for your responses. I have written a number of Children's Rhymes but done nothing with them. However, I was the "Mystery Reader" in our Granddaughter's 1st grade class last week. A friend of our daughter illustrated one of the rhymes and then our daughter went to Office Depot and had it made into book form. I guess the reading went on OK - no booing at the end. I gave the book to our Granddaughter after the reading and she put it in her back pack. It is now a one-of-a-kind book displayed in her room.