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  • Smart Car?

    Was driving along going seven and zero,
    a speck I did see in my passenger mirror.
    Coming on fast - I could not make out,
    or know what that object was really about?
    Could be an animal gaining on me,
    maybe a bird thinking I was a tree?
    Maybe a boat that somehow had wheels,
    or maybe from space chasing me for their meals?
    Before I could think it was right on my side,
    trust not what I saw as much as I tried.
    Then it was past and I saw it's name,
    though logic in it - I can't see their claim.
    SMART on it's trunk but just thinking - what?
    SMART as a word - thought anything BUT!

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    Perhaps like so much other verbiage of our day, SMART has been delegated some new meaning?


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      For sure!


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