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  • My Crazed Mind

    My troubling thoughts are tangled
    deep inside, within my mind
    my sanity wants them strangled
    unconscious, eyes blind

    A crazed mind, to never think
    these manic thoughts
    the imagined and reality, never to link
    kept entangled within knots

    Lost oxygen, a mangled brain
    mental pictures blood stained
    contemplated ideas I restrain
    disturbing thoughts, tightly chained

    Thoughts from mind, never divisible
    the controlling voices slain
    the truth remains invisible
    never knowing, I was mentally insane.

    By, Melissa June

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    This is triumphant, MJ. After the second read, i envisioned a doberman pinscher on a tight leash in your mind, saliva dripping from its crazed, ravenous teeth, ready to devour whatever it can reach, and you - straining, craving, to let it out.