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  • Gabby Douglas

    Written from the P.O.V. of Gabby Douglas

    Hi, I am Gabby Douglas I am at the olympics

    To win, I will do cartwheels and flips

    I begin my routine, I am nervous as ever

    But will I give up? Never! No! Never!

    If I don't win that's okay!

    I will have tried my hardest, and had a good day!

    I cartwheel and flip, and soon enough

    I won the gold! Boy that was tough!

    Girls now look up to me, I am their hero

    When I walk around, I am no longer a zero

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    PoetryBree, I haven't watched gymnastics in a long, long time - but you inspired me to take a look. She's something else! As are you - and one day, perhaps someone will be writing a poem about you too!


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      Love it! I have always loved watching gymnastics, but haven't in a long time. May have to look it up now :-)


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        Nice ode!! Well done!!


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          I love gymnastics. I love to watch the gymnasts' faces. The concentration, so much riding on this routine. The athleticism is wonderful, but for me, it is all in the faces. Thank you for sharing PB!


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            She's a true inspiration.....lovely poem Poetrybree