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A Belated Birthday Wish for Pete Seeger

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  • A Belated Birthday Wish for Pete Seeger

    Happy Birthday to Pete Seeger
    a champion for the beleaguered
    The Clearwater Sloop lives on in Pete's name
    the Hudson River's health dedicated to reclaim

    Fighting and speaking for our civil rights
    lighthouse on the river Pete Seeger shed the light
    Adding to his resume he was a great musician
    the legacy he's left for us lives on as great tradition

    "We shall overcome" we sing for him today
    to honor Pete Seeger in this most important way
    "If I had a hammer" he proudly sang for us
    he rang a bell for freedom from the dawn until the dusk

    Pete sang tunes to heighten America's freedom
    not for just the privileged few he fought for everyone
    He represented the qualities that make America strong
    until we meet Pete again we'll honor him in song

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    Hey Pete, you're at the back of the pack in Rhymezone's Kentucky Derby!


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      Great tribute to Pete! Good job as always Boe


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        Thanks Rach, and Pete thanks you too!


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          We're at the Quarter pole Pete at Rymezone's Kentucky Derby!


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            Great job Bobby. I'm trying to catch up with all the posts. :-)


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              Alexandra, the forum needs the good news that the memory of Pete brings. Don't ya think? His message of peace, equality and cherishing the earth will live on through us. So happy birthday Mr Seeger! Thanks for stopping by friend.


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                Spanking good tribute to a legend! Good job, BDB!


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                  It's an easy going read for an easy going guy MH. Thanks for stopping by.