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"Dick and Jane"

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  • "Dick and Jane"

    I went to school with Dick and Jane,
    friends of not my choice.
    Went with them from page to page,
    but never heard their voice.
    Then they were quite obsolete,
    put out to pastures green.
    Been with us for many years,
    a gesture oh so mean.
    Jane became a prostitute,
    taking it in stride.
    Dick became her pimp for sure,
    mainly for the ride.
    They worked the shows and carnivals,
    for willing John’s they met.
    Never made it rich for sure,
    but never faced with debt.
    Now they’re old and in poor heath,
    and question loyalties.
    Wish they’d done it differently,
    demanding royalties.

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    Quite the imagination you have there Bob. Incidentally, I came across one of those old readers a few years ago - it did bring memories. And don't forgot Spot! How that dog could run! Will he get his own poem?


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      Probably not - got adopted by a Wall Street Trader.