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Hey Chicago! What'da Ya Say? (The Cubs Are Gonna Win Today?)

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  • Hey Chicago! What'da Ya Say? (The Cubs Are Gonna Win Today?)

    Hey Chicago What'da Ya Say? (The Cubs Are Gonna Win Today?)

    How about them Cubbies? Pretty cool!
    Taking the rest of the league to school!
    Mowing the competition down left, and right!
    Why, I bet they'll even win tonight!

    This does not happen every day you see
    For 55 years they've been killin me
    The last time in the series was 45
    Hell, Back then, I wasn't even alive

    But alas they lost that one in seven
    The Cubs can't get help even from heaven
    No, You must go much further back
    Nineteen ought eight to be exact

    They started off even better this year
    If Harry was alive He'd be chuggin his beer
    There is still a very long way to go
    They've given 'em the kiss of death ya know

    Experts Predict the Cubs will be number one
    This, I was fearfully told by my young son
    There's also the curse of the goat you see
    Only in Chicago, Believe you me

    I never count the peaches before they fuzz
    But in Chicago the Cubs are all a buzz
    If they win, and I mean win it all
    Out of the bleachers the bums will call

    But there is a down side to all this you see
    If they win, I've seen it all, and for me-
    I'll have nothing to live for its true-
    There will be nothing left on earth that's new

    If you're a Cubbies fan you know humility
    Yep, The Cubs have the greatest fans you'll ever see
    Hey! There's no place on earth like Wriggle Field
    This year, even I believe the Cubs are for real!

    Come on down the beer's on me!!

    GO CUBS GO!!
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    Wonderfully done Chitown-Hustler! History, rhyme - and even hope that endures. Great verse!


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    GO CUBS GO! Hey Chicago what do you say? The Cubs are gonna win today!! RIGHT FREAKIN ON DUDE!!!


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      I love this and you're playing my song


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        Great tribute to your home team! May they break the curse!


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          It could be! It might be! Caught on the warning track. Don't count you chickens before their hatched. But I'm pulling for you man.


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            This has got to be it. I am getting too old for it not to be it


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              I knew there were alot of Cubbie fans out there. Thank you