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  • Juggler

    Balls flying in the air
    Keep up avoid despair
    Only one person can cope
    Only one person can hope

    Juggling has always been my talent
    Take on everything always valient
    Rock of the family is my role
    Do evertything is my goal

    A juggling perpetual motion machine
    More balls than most always have been
    A juggler who keeps them all in the air
    A juggler supreme catches with flair

    Work fulltime juggling act in itself
    Support others struggling with health
    Everywhere another ball to catch
    Always something else to dispatch

    Still a rock but have a shake
    Even a rock cant stop an earthquake
    Still here despite the erosion
    Braced for anything even explosion

    Jugglers need to grow up as well
    Allow balls to drop up avoid hell
    Balls neglected are my own
    Only I can set the tone

    Juggling makes me feel like me
    I must somehow take responsibility
    My juggling i need to renounce
    Worst that can happen balls will bounce

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    I love how you face life Parkinsonspoet! Head on, head up, and with a great deal of self-deprecating good humour! Amazing strength!
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      Life is no fun without a sense of humour


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        Juggler rap.😊


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          How do you keep your balls in the air when you are in the pool?


          • Parkinsonspoet
            Parkinsonspoet commented
            Editing a comment
            with juggling the main thing is practice