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An Aberration

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  • An Aberration

    Mind these whispers in shadows,
    from tyrants, long since, interred,
    but now, by imitation flattered,
    and by invocation, disturbed.

    For whom,
    sought distant corners, to disparage,
    now dare to shed the cover of shade,
    and in rousing, virulent chorus,
    find dissension, to dissuade.

    And mind
    the single-handed pledges,
    of those
    who once dawned cloaks to hide,
    as ruffians,
    have long since garnered,
    accolades of courage and pride.

    Let not,
    a humble disposition,
    steer the vessel,
    doomed to wreck,
    or what did stand,
    as aberration,
    may, one day,
    stand upon your neck!
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    Why has this not been Liked and lauded yet? This is up with your best, (and that's high already) Dwayne.


    • DWAYNE
      DWAYNE commented
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      At times, they seem to write themselves, as if I am in a trance.

      This is one of those times.

      Thanks for the encouragement.

      I know I still have a lot to learn!

    • grant hayes
      grant hayes commented
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      Well, I'm learning from you, that's for sure.

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    Dawned cloaks to hide as ruffians --beautiful our insightful poet!!!!


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      "!" love it


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        Dwayne - you are indeed master of this craft.


        • DWAYNE
          DWAYNE commented
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          I think you'll have to see Mr. Hayes or Mr. Henry for mastery.

          I am mostly raw passion, but I am glad you appreciate it!

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        Dwayne, there are many ways to express poetic vision. You have yours, and it is mighty. It takes a back seat to none. Recognize your talent and write from confidence! This is another success! Dwayne's World!