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    Cleaning up messes applying compresses

    Shuts a whole side down forcing things back uptown
    Blocks space like a wall gets everything tall
    Marks up with their best and wears them like a vest
    Stops a wide attack and then takes it right back

    With speed down the line and a cross that's divine
    Disrupting their lanes holding on to the reins
    Finds space with a touch a maestro in the clutch
    Starts moving out wide then deftly cuts inside

    Pops up in surprise while then taking the prize
    Holds up at the top giving others the drop

    On the bench seven not starting eleven
    The coach and the staff dissect actions each half

    A ref on the field; two assistants flags wield
    From first whistle blow ensure positive flow
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      Kobe? Different sport. He'd be in a Best Five, but only using five syllable lines would be hard to do him justice.