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  • Gold to the Brain

    I pop the pills
    A promise of black hills
    Gold to the brain

    Not sure how I got these!
    My little summer breeze
    Sane to the brain

    This one's for my psycho
    Makes life a game from Tyco®
    Acceptable to the brain

    The greens help me sleep
    A relief from deep, jeep, keep, weep, seep, bleep
    Black sheep to the brain

    The whites are for the pain
    And the emotional drain
    Airplane to the brain

    I pop the pills
    No roller coaster thrills
    Normal to the brain

    This one's for depression
    And all my stupid questions
    Complacency to the brain

    This one's for my moods
    And my tendency to brood
    Happy face to the brain

    This pill's for you
    So you can't see right through
    Me to the brain

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    That's one heck of a list of medication...yet the final stanza is shockingly lucid! Love it Sister Greed!


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      *digs greedily for another bite of dark, light, word porridge*


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        I love this sister. A lot of meds. Great job!!


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          Sister, I love this poem. You have made light of the plight of meds. Seems like when they add one
          they also have to add another for the side effects. Yes, I read it twice and will come back to it again.
          Nice pills but with a thorn of a rose. I like this so much that I may attempt a poem on the same subject.
          Happy popping.


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            Thanks you guys, as you can see Sister Greed has writer's block. I'm sure there's a pill for that!


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              The pithy descriptions of each pill, with the 'to the brain' refrain, are just a joy to read, Sister Greed. If this is 'writer's block', well, I hope the dam never bursts! I love it.


              • Sister Greed
                Sister Greed commented
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                You are too kind, my dear sir!

              • Brainwreck
                Brainwreck commented
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                Amen ,to what Grant say. I would be wild to see the dam break.

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              Sister, did you see benjaminallentx written from writer's block. I am liking these poems.
              Probably because I understand them.


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                I think it cathartic to write something out of desperation and not inspiration. Desperation can evoke powerful emotions and very truthful work. And as a consequence the inspiration will come.