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  • Black, White, Pink, or Green

    Conservative, Smervative - what's all in a label?
    Liberal, Smiberal - put it all on the table,
    Black, White, Pink, or Green,
    How do you look - which way do you lean?
    Pigeonholed, Smigeonhold - we're all in a slot.
    Is that really the way - perhaps it is not?
    We have our opinions, beliefs, and akin,
    be open to others - a solace within.
    Can't hear while you speak - give others a break,
    good listener are you and progress we'll make.
    For if some Space Creatures came here to attack,
    we'd all have to fight - have each others back.
    Conservative's, Smervative's, Smiberal's and more,
    would all ban together to settle the score.
    Last edited by BobGrantKC; 05-02-2016, 03:03 AM.

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    My Momma always says - you have two ears and one mouth for a reason - listen twice as much as you speak. Yeah...I'm still working it. Thanks Bob, for a rhyming reminder.


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      You're welcome.