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A Hero's Return From War

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  • A Hero's Return From War

    Last edited by Sumyanna; 07-17-2016, 08:04 AM.

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    Strewth. This tells it exactly like it is, with sensitivity, strength, and insight. What a beautifully observed poem, Sumyanna. Choked me up. Not enough Likes.


    • Sumyanna
      Sumyanna commented
      Editing a comment
      Oh thanks. I was asked the other day to write about war. This was my take on it. I know many have suffered - and we shall never know the truths of that suffering. It goes beyond the war. Thank you again Grant.

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    I honor your contribution
    Here's my poetic retribution
    There's no need for persecution
    Jesus Christ the Resolution......

    This poem touched me and I hope you find peace and happiness....thank you for sharing


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      Oh Sumyanna , this had me deep in my heart and soul gripping at the part that is truth...

      And I am home.
      I am home -
      And though I know my surroundings
      I don’t recognize myself within these walls
      I am like a stranger in my own home

      I could cry, for you (if autobiographical) and for every man and woman who has served... and is trying to find a way home.

      Well done.


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        Having lived as the spouse af a military man for 20 years I can testify to this as truth. Sad. But true. Thank you Sumyanna, for the moving verse.


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          Hi, Sumyanna,

          You have written a beautiful and sad commentary on the ravages of war off the battlefield.

          The war is over.
          The war is over for you.

          The war is not over.
          The war will never be over.