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  • Fly on the Wall

    Wish I were a fly on the wall,
    something said or heard by all.
    To get the scoop right from the lips,
    from those who know and give the tips.
    Banker, lawyer, politician,
    first to know from their admission.
    Right or wrong or in between,
    how to use what you've just seen?
    When to leave and when to stay,
    decision you must always weigh.
    For what you know's no good at all,
    if you're a splotch upon the wall.

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    I used to want to be a fly on the wall. I have changed my mind because I don't want to be splotch.


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      This is such truism here! Once or twice in my life, I've inadvertently overheard something, usually in passing, which left me in an awkward position - wishing I'd never passed that way at that moment - because it was something I didn't even want to know. It might have been easier to be a splotch!