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    Bones laid bare in dust
    Waterholes criss-crossed with cracks
    Still thirsting for rain

    Clouds, wind, cooler now
    Thunder rolls over the range
    Foretelling relief

    Freezing nights, clear days
    Layers removed one by one
    Replaced at nightfall

    Raindrops on the sand
    Rivulets in crevices
    Wildflowers abound

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    We love serial haiku around here, Marion. This is an affecting evocation of aridity and the coming of water.


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      That is a very lovely scene. I think deserts don't get many blooms, so I would love to see the
      scene you described. Very nice haiku.


      • Mariont3155
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        Mariont3155 commented
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        I lived for a few years in the red centre of Australia and have actually seen the desert in bloom, as well witnessing a waterfall down the face of Uluru (Ayers Rock). It's a beautiful place. I actually reside in suburban Melbourne but a part of my heart remains in the Northern Territory

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      My folks live in an area of the US that isn't considered desert, but it has been under drought conditions for almost a decade. They've just been getting some rain the last couple of weeks - not enough to end the dryness, but enough to refresh. This haiku series paints a beautiful picture to my ear.


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        A great use of the starkness of haiku to accentuate the starkness of the drought-ridden desert, juxtaposed by life-giving rain and abounding wildflowers.
        Great work, Mariont!