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A fine romance

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  • A fine romance

    A Fine Romance
    W hen I see that smile want to pause for a while
    Wnt to take a chance, what I would give for a glance
    How do i hit the mark, where do I find the spark
    I will be back later, with my Van der Graaf Generator

    Food is the way to the heart,Maybe there I should start
    Make a tasty composition Help us form a coalition
    But then a voice of contention brings to my attention
    Its bad news and no buts, She is allergic to my nuts

    So I take her to a dance, when she gives second chance
    When its time to bust a move Pull a muscle in the groove
    Was so trying to impress that lovely vision in a dress
    Now I have her attention My limp will not mention

    Finally I have the inspration and make poetic preparation
    I will woo with rhyming word It will be the best she has heard
    When she hears my verse can I have made it worse
    Surely my innuendo is fun, not just a dirty minded pun

    I pay her attention, Her mind a cool invention
    Hear every word she says yet I am still in a daze
    So I just say yes but response doesnt bless
    Staring at her dress it just fits,She said Are you obsessed with my tits?

    So I try to explain , but it is all in vain
    Her breasts have voice cancelling powers, maybe should just get flowers
    She says dont be a fool, You dont have to be cool
    She says stop trying to impress would you like to get inside my dress

    So I take her to my bed opened my door and she just said
    "I can't believe my eyes, I am used to kingsize"
    She was looking at my small bed but "its cozy" I said
    As I tried to justify he small size and tell her why

    So if you plan to woo, I really haven'y a clue
    I hope you have a plan, for I am not the man
    To give advice on how to entice
    Just be you, Its the thing to do

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    Hahahahahahaha, good advice. That rhyme within each line is super. And when you got Van der Graaf Generator into the first stanza I laughed out loud. Great write, Parkinsonspoet.


    • Parkinsonspoet
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      Grant ;you aint seen nothin yet

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    Parkinsonspoet, you seriously need your own radio show! With a back up band, you would be unstoppable!


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      MHenry you are very kind


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        Lol lol lol parkinsonspoet - this poem is nothing short of electrifying.


        • Parkinsonspoet
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          I got chills theyre multiplying and I am losing control because the power your supplying is electrifying- Do you think John Travolta and Olivia Newton John used a Van Der Graaf Generator?