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  • Words

    We all say words, not knowing their power

    They hurt many hearts, kill every fragile flower

    We don't realize how much they can do

    They can cause, an emotional breakthrough

    Words are truly the sharpest knife

    And the biggest cause of strife

    We say so many, not even caring

    About the hearts that we may be tearing

    We should all be more cautious with the words we say

    And instead speak kindly, and brighten others day

    To everyone reading, lets all be more careful. We may be throwing around things that can truly hurt. The smallest thing you say can make the biggest impact.

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    PoetryBree, I think you wrote that just for me. My mouth gets me into trouble. I hope that I take more time when writing and before posting. I have
    skipped over many words and letters. Keep this in mind if I saw something wrong or troublesome. Just ask, and I will fix it.


    • PoetryBree
      PoetryBree commented
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      I didn't write it about you! I wrote it about how sometimes we say things without thinking of the impact they can have. And stuff. Its about how we all say words, and they can hurt peoples feelings.
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    • Brainwreck
      Brainwreck commented
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      It still spoke to me. My words come out weird and too fast sometimes. I need to
      take your poem and practice what you said. So, I do resemble it. I like what you said.

    • PoetryBree
      PoetryBree commented
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      Thanks for reading it!

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    Yes, I am particularly guilty of this one as I tent to process my thoughts 'out loud'. Well, I've heard it said that with age comes wisdom, so perhaps I just have to wait another decade or two? Nice write PoetryBree - sorry the bullies are giving you battle.


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      When you stand up to a bully, they will often back down. Of course, they might also punch you in the nose. Either way, I agree, PoetryBree, we must be sensitive to other people's feelings. That is why I try not to call people 'buger faces.'