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Temple of Thieves (inspired by MHenry)

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  • Temple of Thieves (inspired by MHenry)

    The pledges perched upon the sand
    the slogans neatly phrased,
    the rhetoric and stark demand
    the vitriol and praise.

    The duplicitous pandering,
    and hollow religiosity.
    The xenophobic bantering
    and abject hypocrisy.

    Were "we the people"
    we ought to be,
    I have little doubt,
    we'd seize this temple
    from Pharisees,
    and drive the bandits out!

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    Dwayne... really liked this one! It is so relevant to the current state of affairs "we the people" find ourselves in... kudos!, you've done MHenry proud.


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      Not only do you compose sapiential literature, Dwayne, but prophetic as well. Great title, btw.


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        Usually, I inspire only regurgitation and repulsion, so this is a welcome change. I am honored to have inspired you, and you have easily surpassed any glimmer of inspiration you might have gleaned from my feeble folderol. You have written this for the people and by the people, and writ it well, as always. I haven't seen a miss yet, at least not without her knickers.


        • grant hayes
          grant hayes commented
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          folderol: that's a new word to me. Thanks for that, MHenry.

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        And it just keeps coming! Wonderful words - sad subject. I do believe we'll turn it around.