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  • It's a fair crack

    Don't crack up just crack on
    Look in life for the fun
    Never give up never give in
    Keep faith and you will win

    When life's like Truman show
    Star of own soap most know
    Scripts from the Eastenders
    Each week dramatic curse

    Can't change situation
    Can reduce frustation
    This week may well just lack
    Next week be a good crack

    I am the rock big strong
    I may shake but not long
    It won't shake me to pieces
    My resolve not releases

    Whatever challenges sent
    Confidence they can't dent
    In my mind an immense
    Never sit on the fence

    Life is just a good crack
    Even if comes off track
    Keep on looking for fun
    Don't ctack up just crack on

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    Makes me want a box of cracker jacks!
    Last edited by MHenry; 04-30-2016, 12:32 AM.


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      I think we need to collect the epistles of Saint Park and psalms and prophecies of King Dwayne and bind them into the Zone Scriptures.


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        Grant thank you for my Sainthood.Is that the Rhyme Zone or the Twilight Zone