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    is a blunt-tooled
    conveyance of passion,
    and I, in folly,
    did mistake your brevity,
    for a "fool's ration".

    For I favoured a man,
    whose tongue intoxicated,
    who tickled the soul,
    to swoon, and sigh.
    And while my heart
    was drunk with his sonnets,
    my flute was as empty,
    as your skins, were dry.

    But the heart is sobered
    by the dawn
    and she,
    who indulged, in moonlit pledge,
    is soon found
    nursing a sickened condition,
    while clutching the barrel's edge.

    But, your labours, proved
    to tip the balance,
    and my heart was then
    to you disposed,
    for patience
    stands to outlast wit,
    and tenderness
    surpasses prose.
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    Yes, Dwayne, this is perfectly and beautifully told. Another page in 'Dwayne's Guide to a Satisfying and Poetic Life,' required reading in every high school and university in the world.


    • DWAYNE
      DWAYNE commented
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      I love your humour-laced compliments!

    • MHenry
      MHenry commented
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      Thank you, Dwayne. It amuses me, and I am pleased it amuses you, too!

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    Patience and tenderness are essential qualities. Your work is outstanding Dwayne.


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      You really dig this stuff. You make it a craft, an art don't you? I wish I could see that. You are the ONE. I envy your passion


      • DWAYNE
        DWAYNE commented
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        You have plenty of passion yourself!

        Thanks for the kind words and encouragement.